Fancy an Extra 10% off + Shop Updates?

Fancy an Extra 10% off + Shop Updates?

Fancy an Extra 10% off + Shop Updates?

✶Free Pattern!✶ Retro Fringe Crochet Earrings

Wow. It’s been quite an undertaking but my first free pattern is finally ready!

These gorgeous fringe earrings are a fab way to add a pop of colour and retro flair to your look, and are easy-peasy to make. Even beginners will have these knocked out in no time at all!
The shape reminds me of an echinacea/ coneflower plant that they seemed to dig big time in the 70’s.

I honestly need a pair in every colour. They are light and comfy to wear, and can be made to compliment any style. Simple but statement, they could be minimalist, bohemian or anywhere inbetween depending on your mood.

They also make a great base to unleash your creativity with. I plan to embroider, bead and embellish these things like crazy!

But, for now, here is the pattern. I have a full tutorial, written out, with step by step photos and a crochet diagram to boot. I have also made the fast + dirty (print friendly) version with just the written pattern and diagram in black and white. Both patterns are in PDF format. Once downloaded you can view and print.

If you make a pair I would love to see them! Tag me on Instagram @babylouretro and #babylouretro ✶

✶ If you don’t crochet, (or just fancy a little treat) I have a little selection of Earrings available to buy here

I have loved putting this pattern together, I didn’t realise everything that goes into creating a pattern – even for one as simple as this! I have been following patterns other wonderfully talented creators have put online for almost 15 years now, and I am grateful in whole new way now. Any feedback is welcome as I’m all new to this and just finding my feet.

Thank you for reading!