Fancy an Extra 10% off + Shop Updates?

Fancy an Extra 10% off + Shop Updates?

Fancy an Extra 10% off + Shop Updates?

Large Retro Plant Hanger ⁕ 5


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Let your leafy pal live its full 70s swing chair fantasy with this groovy retro plant hanger!

Complete with fab fringe detail and a tassel for good measure, this stunning and unique eye-catching little number will add a vintage bohemian charm to any cool eclectic space

● Gold, Peach + Mustard!

● Crocheted to last with vibrant colourful 100% acrylic yarn

● Perfect for 6″ diameter pots – around 5″ tall is recommended

✶the clip shows a 6″x 5″ pot✶

The crochet construction gives some wiggle room for slightly wider or deeper pots

● 38″ long top of the loop to bottom of tassel

10.5″ long + 6″ wide pot holder excluding fringe and tassel

● Designed and created with love by yours truly 

● order a custom colour combo Large Retro Plant Hanger HERE

✶ measurements are approximate and colours may vary slightly from what you see on screen ♥ 


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